Convert JSON to XML

The JSON to XML converter allows you to convert JSON objects into XML data strings. The JSON converter is fully compatible with JSON and supports JSON elements, arrays, attributes, texts, comments, and JSON declarations. The JSON to XML converter produces clean and reversible XML strings; you can convert JSON to XML and then convert back from XML to JSON to its original form. The JSON to XML converter is fast and secure. JSON to XML conversion is done right in the browser without sending requests to the server. The JSON to XML converter is simple and very easy to use with minimal configuration options. Enter JSON data and click "Convert JSON to XML" to convert JSON strings to XML data online and see the result.


JSON to XML Summary

Convert JSON data strings to XML format with the free online converter. View both the JSON source code and the resulting XML in a convenient two-pane view.

  • JSON and XML syntax highlighting
  • Support for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers
  • Generate PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, .NET, and Curl code snippets for the provided JSON strings
  • Format and beautify the JSON and XML strings.
  • Built-in JSON and XML validators
  • Upload JSON file from the disk
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