About ReqBin

ReqBin is the world's most popular online API testing tool for REST and SOAP APIs.
ReqBin is an online API client and API testing tool for developers and testers. It was created by the HTTP Debugger team that has 15 years of experience in developing API debugging software.

At its heart, ReqBin allows you to send API requests directly from your browser and see the results of the request without worrying about CORS errors. The built-in JSON and XML formatters and validators, and the JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript code syntax highlighters make analyzing API responses much easier and more natural.

Uniquely, ReqBin allows you to collaboratively debug API requests by forking and sharing them online, and showcase real-world use cases for your API by providing links to those live API requests.

ReqBin test nodes are located in the US and EU, together with millisecond precision for API requests, this will help you identify and fix API performance bottlenecks and compare API performance metrics for users across geographic regions.

With our free API load testing tool, you can test the performance of your API against hundreds of simulated concurrent users and measure the performance, speed, scalability, and stability of your API under expected workloads and overloads.

The ReqBin code generator can help you save tons of time by debugging API requests in a more natural way using the online API client and then converting those requests to PHP, Python, JavaScript, C#, or Curl code.