Run Curl Commands Online

Execute Curl commands directly from your browser. Learn Curl with live Curl examples. Test APIs with ReqBin Online Curl Client.
Run Curl Commands Online

Curl is a popular command-line tool for transferring data to or from a server. ReqBin online Curl client supports the basic Curl commands for working with the HTTP/s protocol. For security reasons, command-line options for working with files are ignored.

  • Test APIs, websites and web services online
  • Post requests directly from your browser
  • Share and discuss your requests online
  • Load test APIs and websites
  • Generate PHP, Python, JavaScript/AJAX, Java, C#/.NET, and Curl/Bash code snippets for your requests
  • Built-in JSON, XML, HTML and CSS validators

What is Curl?

Curl stands for client URL, it is a free command-line tool for transferring files with URL syntax. Curl supports a number of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMB, and SSL certificates. There are a number of Curl clients for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS, and now with the ReqBin Online client for the web. Developers can use the libcurl library to integrate Curl into their C/C ++, Java, PHP, and Python applications. Due to its popularity and ease of use, Curl has become the main tool for describing API calls in the documentation.

How to Run Curl Commands Online?

With ReqBin Online Curl Client, you can run Curl commands directly from your browser. No desktop apps or browser plugins required. Just enter the Curl command and click on Run. Built-in Curl command syntax Highlighter will highlight Curl command syntax while you type Curl command.

Test API with Online Curl Client

ReqBin Curl Client is the most popular online Curl Client. You can quickly and easily test your API by running Curl commands directly from your browser and see server responses. ReqBin Curl Client provides millisecond accurate timings for Curl requests and server responses, including DNS Resolution, Connection, TLS Setup, and data transfer times. Built-in JSON and XML formatters will automatically format and validate the returned JSON and XML strings and highlight any errors in your data.

Convert Curl Commands to HTTP Requests

Easily convert Curl commands to HTTP Requests and generate code snippets from your Curl commands with just with one click!

Curl Examples

Learn Curl by exploring a collection of hand-picked Curl examples.