Online REST & SOAP API Testing Tool

Online API testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs. Test REST, SOAP, and HTTP API endpoints right from your browser. Load test your API with hundreds of simulated concurrent connections. Generate code snippets for your API automation testing framework from your requests. Share and discuss your API requests online.
API Testing Made Easy

ReqBin API Tester is a free online API testing tool. Test your API, website or web service by sending REST, SOAP and HTTP API requests right from your browser, and check the server responses.

  • Test APIs, websites and web services online
  • Post requests directly from your browser
  • Share and discuss your requests online
  • Load test APIs and websites
  • Generate PHP, Python, JavaScript/AJAX, C#/.NET, and Curl/Bash code snippets for your requests
  • Built-in JSON, XML, HTML and CSS validators
ReqBin API testing tool provides millisecond precision timings for API requests that you can use to discover and troubleshoot your API performance bottlenecks.

ReqBin API test nodes are located in the US and EU, which you can use to compare API performance metrics for users across geographic regions.
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