Test JSON Request Online [C#/.NET Code]

ReqBin is the best online JSON request testing tool. Test JSON request online by sending REST API requests to API endpoints. Inspect JSON responses with automatic syntax highlighting and validators. Click Send to execute the Test JSON request online and see the results. The C#/.NET code was automatically generated for the Test JSON Request Online example.
Test JSON Request Online [C#/.NET Code] Send
GET /echo/get/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reqbin.com

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C#/.NET code for Test JSON Request Online example

C#/.NET code for Test JSON Request Online Example

This C#/.NET code snippet was generated automatically for the Test JSON Request Online example.
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What is JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a text format for representing structured data based on the syntax of the JavaScript language. The .json extension is used to identify JSON files. There are many programming languages that use JSON to exchange data, including Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#, Go, and many more.

JSON Example
  "Id": 78912,
  "Customer": "Jason Sweet",
  "Quantity": 1,
  "Price": 18.00

What is REST API?

The REST API is an application programming interface that follows the principles of the REST design style or an architectural style of representational state transfer. With REST APIs, developers have access to a high degree of flexibility and freedom, which has made microservice architecture the standard way to integrate components. REST APIs are independent of browsers and programming languages. Clients of REST APIs interact with resources via HTTP protocol for standard CRUD operations.

What is an API Endpoint?

An API endpoint is a simple URL representing a collection of objects or a single object. The API sends requests to endpoints, which are locations where the resources are located. Each endpoint is a URL where APIs can access resources needed to function.

How to test a JSON request?

To test a JSON request using the ReqBin JSON API testing tool, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the JSON API URL for testing;
  2. Select the HTTP method;
  3. Specify a set of headers (optional);
  4. Send data to start the test.
Test JSON Request Example
GET /echo/get/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reqbin.com

You will receive a response from the server:

Response JSON Request Example
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 19
Connection: keep-alive


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