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Curl Get URL
An example of getting a URL with Curl. The target URL is passed as the second command line parameter. Curl automatically selects the GET method to use unless the -X, --request, and -d command-line options are used. The Accept: */* header is automatically added by Curl to the request header.

Convert Curl to HTTP Request
Convert Curl command to the HTTP request. Enter your Curl request, click the Submit button to check if you entered the Curl command correctly, and then switch to the Raw tab to see the generated HTTP request. You can also convert Curl request to PHP, Python, JavaScript, and C # code. To convert a Curl request to Python code, click Code, and select Python.

Curl GET Request
An example of making a GET request using Curl. Curl automatically selects the GET method unless the -X, --request, or -d command-line options are passed. The target URL is passed as the first command-line parameter. The second command-line parameter tells the server that the Curl client is expecting JSON.

Curl OPTIONS Request
An example of sending an OPTIONS request with Curl. Browsers send OPTIONS requests when making a CORS request to another origin. To make an OPTIONS request using Curl, you must pass the -X OPTIONS command-line parameter to the Curl. The OPTIONS request does not return any data. All information is returned in the response headers.

Curl CORS Request
An example of sending a Curl request with the CORS Origin header (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing request). For CORS requests, the Origin header indicates where the request is coming from. In this Curl CORS Request example, the Origin header is passed to the server with the -H "Origin:" command-line option.

Curl Request With Credentials
Sample Curl request with Origin CORS request header and authorization cookie. In this Curl Request With Credentials example the Origin request header is passed with the -H "Origin:" command-line parameter and the cookie is passed with the --cookie "authCookie = my_auth_cookie" parameter.

curl -u
A live example of sending Curl command with Basic server authentication header (credentials are provided with -u or --user command-line argument).

Convert Curl to Python Requests
Convert Curl commands to Python requests with ReqBin Online Curl client. The Curl Converter uses the Python Requests Library for the generated code. Test your Curl commands online with the ReqBin Curl Client and convert them to Python code when ready. Curl Converter automatically generates requests library calls for HTTP headers and JSON content.