How to get the latest Forex Exchange Rates via Fixer REST API?

An example of getting the latest foreign exchange rates by requesting the free foreign exchange rates and currency conversion REST API service. The real-time exchange rate API service is provided by The exchange rates API key is passed as a URL parameter. You can request the free exchange rates API by making HTTP GET requests.
How to get the latest Forex Exchange Rates via Fixer REST API? Send
GET /api/latest?access_key={fixer_apikey}&base=EUR HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

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How do I request the Forex Exchange Rates API?

To get the current and historical foreign exchange rates via the REST API service, you need to make an HTTP GET request to the forex exchange rates REST API endpoint and provide your free REST API key as an URL parameter. Forex exchange rates are available for 170 world currencies.{apikey}&base=EUR

Free Fixer accounts are limited to EURO base currency only. Paid accounts can pass the base currency as the second URL parameter.{apikey}&base=USD

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