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Curl Add Header
An example of adding a header to the Curl request. Use the -H command-line option to set the Curl header details. In this Curl Add Header example, the -H "Content-Type: application/json" command-line option indicates the media type of the resource, and the Accept: application/json header tells the server that the client expects JSON.

GET Request With Custom Headers
An example of sending a custom request header to the server. In this example, the name of the custom header is X-Real-IP and the value is

Curl Custom Headers
An example of posting a custom header with Curl. To add a custom header to curl, you need to pass the -H "header: value" command line parameter to the curl request. The target url is passed as the first parameter.

Send Custom Headers With GET Request
This page shows how to send a GET request with custom HTTP headers to the API endpoint. Try it yourself with ReqBin online HTTP Client.